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ISRDP (Institute of Scientific Research Development and Promotion) is a unit of Pharodix Foundation. Pharodix Foundation, is a Non-profit Organization, Registered under Section 8 Company Act, at Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of INDIA, under the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 18 the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. Read More »

paper submission

Submit your papers in ISRDP journals. All journals are open access and has been indexed by several world class databases so that your work will be visible and accessible to diverse new audiences around the world. Papers submitted to ISRDP must contain original material. The submitted paper, or any translation of it, must neither be published, nor be submitted for publication elsewhere. Read More  »


ISRDP Journals are indexed in several world class databases. So that they can be accessed widely though-out the world. Indexing and abstracting services facilitate the broadest dissemination of information by pointing researchers to articles that are relevant to the field. Read More  »

ijmpeInternational Journal of Mechanical Product Engineering

Journal Code: IJMPE
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijcirInternational Journal of Computational Intelligence Research

Journal Code: IJCIR
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijnaInternational Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications

Journal Code: IJNA
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijmcerInternational Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering Research

Journal Code: IJMCER
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijbbInternational Journals of Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Journal Code: IJBB
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijhcsrInternational Journal of Horticultural and Crop Science Research

Journal Code: IJHCSR
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijgesInternational Journal of Geology and Earth Science

Journal Code: IJGES
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

ijhcsrInternational Journal of Chemistry and Application

Journal Code: IJCA
Current Volume: Volume 1: Issue 1

isrdp journal

ISRDP Journal publishing has entered a new era; and this is characterized by globalization, a continued push for online publishing, and new platforms such as Open Access publishing. ISRDP has adapted rapidly to these developments and has thereby strengthened its position as a large, innovative and well-respected publishing house with a flexible approach to selling and distributing scholarly books and journals.

Journal Paper Submission

A lot of our journals receive a large number of papers, but unlike many traditional printed journals, your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space. Our journals are all published online only and therefore we have no physical restrictions on the number or size of the papers that we can publish.

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ISRDP Journals are indexed in World class databases
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