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ISRDP is a subsidiary unit of Pharodix foundation (A non-profit Organisation) aiming the development of science and technology for the world benefit, organising innovative conferences worldwide. The primary aim of the organisation is the development of technology by helping research scholars to meet the genius peoples of their relevant field. ISRDP organising different type of conferences worldwide: such as – Agricultural and Horticultural conference, fruit and floriculture conferences, aquatic conferences, health-science conferences, veterinary conferences and engineering conferences relating to (Electrical, electronics, communication, information technology, computer science, civil, mechanical and robotics etc.)

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Why Publish with ISRDP ?

Govt Of India
Approved by Govt. of India

ISRDP is a subsidiary unit of Pharodix foundation (A non-profit Organisation) Approved by Government of India.

Development Of Human Life
Development of Human Life

ISRDP organising world class conferences for the promotion of  science and technology for human life.

why publish with isrdp
Charitable Involvement

All the efforts of ISRDP meant for development for Science and technology for Global benefits and saving the nature.

Advancement Of Science And Technology
Technological Advancement

The mission, vision and outputs of all conferences  dedicated to the advancement of Science and Technology.

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